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About Us

Garwood Dental Excellence Office Building

We are very proud to incorporate the best that dentistry has to offer in our state of the art facility. In our office you will find very low dose digital x-rays, and lasers which allows us to avoid needles in many cases.

Dr. Rosenthal attends many advanced dental seminars every year. He has attended the very prestigious Pankey Institute, and has been a member of the equally prestigious Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for over 15 years. 

We understand that some patients have a true fear of dentistry, and just cannot do it. We are able to offer a board certified anesthesiologist that will come into our office, and allow us to do all necessary dental treatment while you are “asleep” in one visit.

We also understand that dentistry can be costly, and we are able to offer our patients 0% financing. Because of all of this, we feel you will feel very comfortable in our office.