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Laser Diagnosis

Garwood Dental Excellence Biolase Machine

BIOLASE Technology develops and markets advanced medical and dental products, including the development of specialized biomaterials for medical and other dentistry specialties. BIOLASE products incorporate newly patented and patent-pending technologies that achieve results not available through other products.





                                  Garwood Dental Excellence Biolase Hydro

Demonstration of BIOLASE's Waterlase(TM) cutting system combining laser energy with water droplets to create high-speed Hydrokinetic water particles that can mechanically cut both hard and soft-tissues.


Garwood Dental Excellence Kavo DiagnoDent

The Kavo DiagnoDent is a laser device which enables us to detect the presence of dental decay in its earliest stage.We used to detect cavities with a sharp explorer-probe. The cavity had to be larger than the size of the tip of theexplorer before we could detect it. This was okay because we used to prepare cavities with a drill. The cavity had to be bigger than the size of the head of the drill bit. Now, with the newer laser technology and air abrasion technology, we can prepare a very small filling for a very small tooth decay. We need a better and more sensitive device to detect tooth decay. The DiagnoDent emits a laser beam to the tooth. If there is dental decay, the fluoresence would be an altered wavelength, with in turn would be sensed and interpreted by the DiagnoDent to give out a numerical reading. With the DiagnoDent, we can now detect cavities smaller than the tip of a dental explorer.


Garwood Dental ExcellenceThis is especially important because with the increased use of fluoride and the presence of fluoride in drinking water, the tooth enamel is less prone to cavities. However, cavities still could form at the base of the fissures on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Due to the fluoride and remineralization of the enamel adjacent to the fissures, these cavities are very hard to detect with a dental explorer. These are tear-drop shaped cavities. The DiagnoDent will help us locate these cavities and with laser treatment or air abrasion, we can now fix these with very small fillings.